Ancient Coin Cleaning Kit
Including my free cleaning and conserving manual, with the proper use for each item carefully detailed.

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Please click HERE to download my Method for Cleaning Ancient Coins manual, with detailed instructions
and a lot of relevant information about bronze coins.
You may download the manual for free, even if you are not purchasing the kit. (Right-click to save, or open and save as PDF)

When you purchase the kit and/or download the manual, please keep in mind that
you are agreeing to read the disclaimer and warnings therein.

Contents of the Cleaning Kit:
3 Highest quality, extremely fine-grit diamond dust pins: 1 straight tip, 1 round tip, 1 pointy tip(extremely fine Plus+.
1 Double ended pin vise.
1 Tungsten carbide extremely sharp pen.
1 Brass brush.
2 Two gel finger protectors.
4 Non-latex non-powdered black gloves.


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Free extremely fine+ plus diamond dust pin